K-Park Training Academy in East Kilbride houses a top quality 3G sports pitch

Soccer school cancelled24-Oct-2019

Our Friday soccer school will be cancelled until further notice from Friday 25th October..

Friday soccer school11-Oct-2019

We won’t be running our Friday Soccer School this week (Friday 11th October). Apologies for any inco..

Summer Soccer School 201802-Jul-2018

Football Training Camp for 3-12 year Old Monday 2nd July to Friday 10th August Morning ..

Soccer school Thursday 5th April ON05-Apr-2018

The pitch has been cleared in order for the soccer school to go ahead as normal today..

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K-Park for all the Community

K-Park Training Academy - Friday, May 06, 2011
K-Park is a welcomed sports facility addition to the Town of East Kilbride. Set in the beautiful surroundings of Calderglen Park in East Kilbride, the facility boasts the very best in all weather proof surfaces.
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